habits (tove lo cover) — Alex + Diana

i don’t usually cover songs but this is what happened one night when dianaellenmantis and i had a microkorg in front of us and fell in love with the sound of the sentence:

"can’t go home alone again; i need someone to numb the pain"


I’ve decided to separate AKW from the microkorg songs I made.

They won’t be downloadable via soundcloud anymore.

They are now an album under the name colina on Bandcamp.

You’re welcome to listen and to share. You’re welcome to buy it.

Thank you for liking these songs as they were very close to my heart.

Anonymous: Your Intellect is absolutely brilliant and probably does supersede your extreme beauty.

Thank you, goon. Warms my heart.

Anonymous: I love your voice, its really inviting. I'm about to start a band and ill be playing keyboard/synth and singing. I was just wondering how did the whole interest in synths start for you?

Ah, Thank you!

Well, I started playing the piano when I was about four. I hadn’t recognized synths as a legitimate instrument until I was about fifteen and a friend had leant me a Microkorg. I had also just learned how to record myself on ProTools and spent months and months playing around with that thing. I fell in love with it. I felt like I could adjust sounds to achieve what I had in my head so easily and it was all so exciting.

I then saved up to buy a Nord lead synth. These were pretty new at the time so I spent another few months on that.

These eventually became part of my collection that I’ve consistently worked with since.

I currently use pianos, a Rhodes, a Nord lead, a Korg and a Microkorg. Those have been and will probably always will be my favorites.

Anonymous: colina

yes, you got it.

colina dr. is the street i grew up on.

Anonymous: how is ur body perfect

Thank you but bodies are bones and skin and guts that are given to you and you do whatever you want with them.

The idea of perfection and beauty having anything to do with bodies is only stupidly relevant because as humans, we go through these weird phases where we all tend to agree on what beauty is for a certain period of time and then 90% of us complain about how we don’t fit it into that invisible mold we’ve put on an imaginary pedestal in our confused little minds.

I think beauty rather rests in the things we create. I don’t feel perfect as a body but I do feel beautiful when I’ve put a period at the end of a finished, long-worked poem.


I called Alex a cutie patootie on anon once and she said that I was the cutest of all the poots but let me tell you, that award goes to her

na, YOU take the patootie cake.

Anonymous: how do i get over the fear of my putting my art "out there"?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath to do like those belly buttons in that one early 2000’s commercial do and come the eff out. There are too many secretly talented people in this world and we should all know better than a bunch of lipsticked belly buttons.

pineislandglacier: Knew there was something about the last three!


tezukalol: It should be a crime and a cardinal sin for Alex to have her face hidden in pictures.

well then taylormeskimen is just as guilty as she’s the first two photos!

Anonymous: do you prefer dogs or cats

I only love catdog.

Anonymous: hug me so tight so I'll forget I'm even alive

I’d hug someone only until they felt their soul sparkle and remember how special it is to feel love and be alive.

Anonymous: do you like cover forts and for a follow up question, can we make one?

Do you mean like a bed fort? You have no idea how down I am.

buy this backpack off my little body