Anonymous: I wanna make you breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning

Mm, what would you make?

This is a very important question and you must answer it correctly or I won’t even consider it.

i swim everyday now.

sunrise — alex wisner


at sunrise,
it was alright.
we forgot about
all we fought about.

your lips shake
when you tell me
to stay.

i’m tired
of wondering
when the mistakes
will mean nothing.

just admit to the sun,
admit to the sun,
admit to the sun
and moon

that all of it’s done,
all of it’s done;
that my heart won’t belong
to you.

Anonymous: "To Be Alive" just made me cry for like five minutes straight. You are so fucking talented. Wow.

I cried really hard right before making that poem. Thank you, though. I hope your cheeks and eyes are all swollen and cute and your body feels relieved and warm.

Anonymous: ALEX you are the most beautiful and talented Woman in all 18,000 universes.

There are 18,000 universes? I thought there was just the DBz universe.

Anonymous: hey have a great night and swim your little heart out

You probably sent this last night but hey, guess what? I went swimming again today and my heart loved it.

Anonymous: your advice on depression was the cutest advice I have ever heard. you made my depression cute. so much props to you lady.

Oh lord! I didn’t mean to make it cute as depression is the farthest thing from cute but thank you.

jedidiahwoods: Your music brings me joy and happiness and it gives me hope for things after this

Your compliments bring that and so much more. Thank you.

we’re such a cute little band sometimes

by solus never

Anonymous: Alexaham

someone once called me a ham and now here you go with this

Anonymous: It is nice to work with your music on.

Stuff like this melts my heart way more than it probably should.

Anonymous: Many people appreciate your art, especially me, but I like your art has more value in this society ... There are artists who talk about silly things but to hear things out of this universe

Beautiful. Thank you.

Anonymous: you're such a lil cutie and you're so important. have a good day buddy

I just tried to wink after I smiled but it was so embarrassing and I don’t know why I’m even telling you.

angryasianfeminist: just a reminder that you're special and that you matter. you're like super duper special!! when lauren's upset (thewearyatlantic) or feeling unsafe or something, your timing always happens to be perfect it's like "HEY ALEX LIKED YOUR PHOTO" or "hey alex posted up a new song!! listen to it when you fall asleep" so you help her a lot in ways like that. and it would matter if you disappeared because absolutely no one can write songs the way you do. i hope you remember that. we love you a lot! <3

This is so damn sweet. It got lost in my messages somehow but I just wanted to say thank you oh so much. I’m happy to be anything to Lauren and I hope you and her are doing really, really well. So much love to you!

this was when i was very, very sick and drinking weird vitamin shakes out of abraham lincoln’s on the daily.