chirpofjoy asked: hi hi, do your shirts only come in xs and s or are the larger sizes just sold out?

We sold all the M and L unfortunately :(

iexistonfaultlines asked: oh yeah, and is there anywhere i can download "high waters"? i love it!

I uploaded it for you, for you.


iexistonfaultlines asked: so i finally have a computer and wifi access after a couple of weeks away from home and i was trying to download your cover of "heartbeats" but the link to soundcloud is broken, although i can still listen to it from your tumblr page. what do i do?

email me and i’ll send it to you:

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In celebration of receiving the masters for the new EP today, I decided it was time to give you guys a 50% discount for everything on bandcamp.

This includes downloads and t-shirts.

Click here: AKW on bandcamp

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there is a faint pulse
that lingers underneath
every conversation
we have

it’s as if we know
we will leave
the second we can

Anonymous asked: do you actually hate yourself? because... i love you.


I actually try to find things to love about myself everyday. 

but I can’t imagine there isn’t one person in the world that hasn’t been through a time where they’ve made mistakes and hated themselves. I’ve been through it. Everything feels cold, empty and the only fault you can find is within yourself. That’s what it is about. I wanted to capture that feeling.

jedidiahwoods asked: Someday will you go on a date with me.


Anonymous asked: are you actually okay tho cause

I like how I got messages and also a few texts about this song.

Yes, I’m totally fine.

I wrote a song about a feeling I felt over a period of time and it’s the not the case at the moment.

Even if it was, at least I vomit it into weird songs.

I love you guys.

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iexistonfaultlines asked: how do you feel about people getting akw tattoos?

Every time is happens, I want to punch something because I am so excited yet so scared at the same time.

I guess the idea that the person and I are attached in some way for the rest of our lives melts my heart like nothing else though. I would consider anyone with a mark a kindred soul.

i made this tonight because

i hate myself

cut in deep to form a cell
you’re tied to what was your former self

i’m not in the kind of place to find myself in songs
i just need some time away to figure out what’s wrong

i hate myself. i hate myself. i hate myself.

i boarded up all the windows;
so i won’t be seeing all those shadows

find me in the morning and wonder if i’m breathing
realize in that moment that you actually need me

even though i hate myself. i hate myself.

download here: i hate myself

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Anonymous asked: what is 'high waters' about? I relate to it on so many levels but I would love to know your story...

Hm, it’s about two people who are broken in their own ways and a personal introspection as to why I can’t seem to win regardless of fighting for it to work.

made another one today.

high waters

let us speak until our bodies become
cold and weak with the winter

i’ll stop running and i’ll stop crying about my brother
it’s just that i try so hard not to be like him and give up in high waters

i wonder if we’ll ever admit that two broken people cannot fix this
i wonder if we’ll ever admit that two broken people is all this is

i try so hard not to be like him and give up in high waters
i don’t know why we build these lives without each other

i did my part
but you broke both our hearts

because there were car rides, there were all-night calls…

download here: HIGH WATERS

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These Days. : 20.7.14 alexkwisner


Anonymous asked: hey there, do you have any advice for someone who's just started recording and has no idea what they're doing? I'm starting off on garageband and I've written a lot of music that I'm finally able to record with decent equipment. I have no clue where to start or even begin to understand how to record, mix, produce, etc, my own music. It's all pretty overwhelming and most of the time I feel like giving up shortly after trying again.

This is a hard question to answer only because I don’t know what kind of music you make. 

The most important part of the process is the writing itself. If you have a song written, the structure sorted out and melodies there, then just plug in to whatever program you’re using and track it.

I personally think (probably because this is how I did it) that you just need to play around with it all until you find a comfortable way of making what you imagine a reality.

Don’t ever let the equipment and mechanics of it all get in the way of making music. You’ll find a comfortable place and you will keep growing from there.

If you actually just have technical questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Just message me off anon,