thewearyatlantic: dang your music is so great. I've been having a whole bunch of bad things going on recently, stuff which is giving me a pretty unsafe feeling, but your music is really helping to keep me a little calmer and be able to sleep. thank you so much. I hope you're feeling okay

I really hope, more than anything, that you’re feeling okay.

Thank you so much.

I love your photography. That starry sky photograph is beautiful.

his house — alex wisner

i got home from being in middle of the ocean. here’s a song.


if you stand still
 and you listen,

my heartbeat
 has a rhythm.
if you don’t want to know
 how much i miss him
then just let go
 because i am broken.

i watch all these people find mirrors
in anyone that will come near them.
i can’t seem to really follow
because my heart belongs to him.
i know i need time, i know it.

i hope whoever she is,
she sees beyond the way you speak.

i hope that she makes you feel whole
and has you grabbing at the sheets.

i hope i’m replaced by
the whole, vast sky
as it takes in the bombs that go off
in a town nearby.

i hope that reminds you of me;
how i destroyed everything.

all i think about is his house
and the way the words would come out
of his mouth.

all i think about is his house
and the way the world felt
with him around.

download: "his house"

Anonymous: I wish people would let you be who you really are.

They do. Or more like, I do. If they don’t, I don’t know them anymore.

Unless you’re talking in general? If this is a problem, it’s not them, it’s you. Just be whoever you are. Be the best version of yourself there is. Don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks because you don’t want to look back on your life and regret spending any time worrying about stuff like this. There’s so much more to live.

Anonymous: You have some insecurity?

I love telling stories and getting really into seeing something funny or beautiful in the smallest and strangest of places.

The insecurity is that no one wants to hear it.

Anonymous: I have the biggest crush on you.

Fast forward to you hearing all my bad jokes and “oops” goes your heart.

castlemonsters: I HOPE EVERYTHING IS SWELL!!

Everything smells.

Anonymous: Did you go to college?

I did for one semester when I was sixteen. I dropped out because I would only attend the marketing class and ditched the rest to go record music in a loft down the street.

never attach your clothing to memories with someone because soon you’ll have none to wear.


when you type in “alex wisner” into google, “alex wisner-gross” shows up as a suggestion and i remember the day i realized that this was someone else’s name and not the general opinion of me.

stay instead — alex wisner


i was up way too early this morning.

i opened the window and sung this to the birds.

stay intead

lay in bed and say that you’ll miss me
and to stay instead and not let you go.

i’ve lost my head to all that’s around me
so, sink the anchor and tie the ropes.

i’m standing in front of you
and you don’t know what you’re about to lose.

find it in you to run me the mile
and call me up when you’ve found the strength

because you don’t know what it’s like to live like this
to have such shaking arms and legs 
and hating myself for waiting.

i’m standing in front of you
and you don’t know what you’re about to lose.

so lay in bed and say that you’ll miss me
and to stay instead and not let you go.

i made this downloadable: stay instead


Thank you so. I just woke up from a dream where people were selectively being turned into black dust by something hiding behind the clouds in the sky.

Empty House — AKW

an old b-side.

empty house

i need an empty house
to keep this from coming out.
i’d lay sprawled on the floor
and open all the windows.

i’d fill the bathtub and let it run forever
and wait at the bottom of the stairs 
until i felt clever.

that is enough.

night comes and i’m wet
an end to such a foreign
shit-faced homily
of how we’re just “not there yet.”

that is enough.

who are you lately?
i’m trying to understand
your sentences, they fall aimless
and i’m left empty handed.

i won’t argue.
that’s all you ever you do

but i don’t blame you
because i am aimless and empty handed.

download here: empty house

Don’t ever believe you have no worth. It may be hidden underneath a little leaf in the corner of your mind and one day, the right amount of wind will rush in and uncover it.