Anonymous asked: i have a friend. or so-called ''friend''. she owns me money. and i would like them back more than her trust and our friendship. i'm not mean in any way but i need the money so i can pay for food for my birthday next week. what do i do?

can you find a parent please

rainbows-in-the-dark asked: when/if you come to England we should hang out (even though i live in the middle of nowhere and i might not talk much because people make me nervous and cute people make me extra nervous) but i think you're pretty great

I would love that more than anything

Anonymous asked: you are sunlight, i wake to find a place, myself in your eyes, lips, face

Oh my!

Anonymous asked: i just came across your music and i want to say that i have not been this happy to come across an artist like this in a very long time wow

Ah! Thank you so much.



Probably, most likely.

Yes, I’ve thought it over and I do.

Anonymous asked: What nationality are you? You look norweigan or something but you live in Los Angeles, right?

I’m half russian, half swiss and spanish was my first language but I am technically American. Hello world.

Anonymous asked: how do you get your hair this color?

*this* color is called an accident.

i can fit into suit cases

all i want to do is make beautiful art but also i’d like to be able to move things with my eyes.

that one time i sat in a kiddie pool of milk for three hours

Anonymous asked: I was mindlessly sitting in a Chipotle when your song came on and I don't know what came over me but I had to know who you were because it touched me so much. Your song Last Lines is a true piece of art. Keep making music. I see nothing but big things for your band.

God, that’s so beautiful. I still can’t get over the fact that hundreds of thousands of people hear our songs everyday. It truly trips me out.

Thank you, thank you!

i woke up like dis

Anonymous asked: Hi Alex, I saw you answer a food question and it all seemed so yummy. I've never really cooked before, I usually go out and get something each night but I really want to eat healthier! Its troublesome cause I don't know what to buy and I feel like its all so expensive for the portions I would be getting :( any advice?

Well, it depends if you eat meat or not. If you’re on a strictly vegan diet, I can give you my grocery list or something?

Gluten Free loaf of bread
Gluten Free cinnamon raisin bagels
Better Than Cream Cheese
Veganaise (blue label)
Carrots, Cucumber, Celery, Basil, Onions, Avocados
Fuji Apples, Dried Cranberries, Figs, Bananas
Almond Butter, Honey, Braggs, Sesame Oil
Peanut sauce
Mary’s Gone Crackers, Nuritional Yeast

2 bars of organic tempeh
4 cans of organic garbanzo beans
Kelp noodles, rice, micro green mix

I literally copy and pasted a list. This is about $120 and could last you two weeks or more…and you can make so many different meals, snacks, smoothies etc with them!

If you need some recipe/meal/snack ideas, I’d be happy to tell you.

Hope this helps.