Anonymous asked: I've been listening to the Last Lines record nonstop since I found you by hearing you in a Chipotle out here in NYC. Beautiful work. Continue.

I love that the Last Lines EP has continued to catch ears. I forget it exists being so wrapped up in this upcoming release until I get messages like this. Thank you so much for liking my art.

Anonymous asked: you are so inspirational to me. you opened my mind to the idea of putting myself out there with my art and i cannot thank you enough for this.

Ah! Thank you. That makes me so happy. I want to see/hear your art!

Anonymous asked: Bay Area any time soon?

I really want to tour the Pacific Northwest again soon! Let me get all this distribution talk out of the way and the new EP out and then we’ll focus on booking another house tour! 

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After four years of having this, I finally managed to fill the last page.

I am the last page.

Anonymous asked: What time are you guys going on for Harvard and Stone?

11:00pm ish!


i found a real life totoro

Anonymous asked: God, I love you.

I love you too, probably.

Anonymous asked: How did you learn to do that thing with the instruments and the lyrics and the singing? You know, that music thing?

I lived, became broken and it was the only thing that ever put me back together.

Anonymous asked: Holy shit I just found this blog and wow you make some good fuckin tunes yo

thank you my dude.

Anonymous asked: So... new EP songs at the Harvard and Stone show?

Yes, three of them!

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old poem video stills

Anonymous asked: >:)

you are so cute. look at you. dang.

Anonymous asked: you may think I have stopped with these "I hope you have a good day" anons but I'm actually just getting started >:)

i need this today, goon. you are still wonderful.

Anonymous asked: i will work for food.

we should all work for food.

that’s all i work for. specifically tacos.